Hors les Murs 2023

Finally the month of May and its procession of sun, sweetness and exhibitions of contemporary photography to discover in the framework of the Boutographies.
Let's go for it, don't hesitate, don't hesitate anymore!

The festival, from the Pavillon Populaire, offers you a journey of exhibitions made of "Parallèle" and "Hors les murs".
Ten places are open to you, free of charge, a network irrigating Montpellier with cultural stops as many windows on the world.
The program reflects our time, the issues that cross it and the vision, the perspectives carried by young artists.

The complicated period we are going through makes it so important to look at things without artifice, questioning our consciences, revealing dark shades but also times of light and humanism.
All the forms are there, let's run to marvel at the aesthetic strength of the photographs, to enlighten us with author's documentaries covering the most intimate to the social and environmental commitments, to plunge us in surprising universes.

The exhibitions are to be discovered alone, with friends or family, on foot or by bike.
organized, making us go through Montpellier in a different and more immersive way.

Let's go there! Let's vibrate with all these emotions, and live this experience to the fullest!


Jean-François Malet

Jean-François Malet