European School

Each year, Les Boutographies presents to the public a European school or university course in which photography has a prominent place.

At the ETPA, passion is the departure point and pugnacity the key word. From their arrival, and up to the end of their course the students evolve in an environment where determination, rigour and the need to express oneself takes precedence over all else. The student is open therefore to an abundance of research, digging deep within himself while relying on his own artistic and cultural references, which make him a singular "artistic being". Students evolve within a structure that plays an active role in this process, while remaining attentive to their environment and the realities of professional life. Growing, asserting one's choices, blossoming, defining one's art and defining oneself: this is what students aim for when they enter ETPA and what they manage to achieve over the years. They come to realise that talent is expressed through hard work and perseverance.

Corine Fransen Head of School

Naoual Peleau Fantômes ETPA

From 15 to 30 May

from 10am to 6pm

Pavillon Populaire
Esplanade Charles de Gaulle 34000 Montpellier

Tram L1 & L2 stop Comédie

Naoual Peleau


The memory is fragile.

I am afraid that I will blink once too often and that it will be swept away by the breath of my eyelids.

I photograph and I forget, I can't fight it.

This series is like a plunge into my ruined memory, where I show mental images.

It is not a question of recounting a past moment but of showing how I forgot it, without filling the void. It is the moving nature of memory that interests me; how it blurs details, dilutes looks and erases faces.

Here nothing is fixed, everything is uncertain. There are almost no boundaries between imagination and memory.

The memory is old, and when it is too far away, when it is too late, I cling to reminiscences.