Remise de prix



The Jury Prize's laureates

The Jury Prize: (The prize is an award of 1000 euros, plus the purchase to the value of 2500 euros, of one or more prints by the Town of Montpellier for its permanent collection)

This prize rewards a young European photographer whose development is deemed particularly worthy of encouragement. It is not intended simply to honour a particular body of work, but to send a signal of support to a photographer who the jury believes has the potential to go much further. This prize is awarded during the first weekend of the festival.

The Public's Prize laureates

The Public Prize: (Awarded by our partner Photon, with a cheque for €500 towards the production of an exhibition and supported by the magazine La Gazette de Montpellier)

This prize rewards a photographer chosen by the vote of the general public. This prize is awarded at the end of the festival.

The Reponses photo Prize's lauréates

The Reponses photo Prize: (The prize consists of a portfolio published in Réponses Photo magazine)

Chosen by the editor of the magazine, this prize is awarded during the first weekend of meetings.

The Photon Prize's laureates

The Photon Prize: (Production of an exhibition for 3 months at Toulouse's Photon laboratory)

It awards a photographer participating in the Jury's projection.

Lauréats du Coup de cœur Les Jours

The Les Jours Prize: (The prize consists of a portfolio published in the web mag)

It rewards the work of a photographer from the official selection or the Jury's projection.

Winners of the Coup de cœur The Eyes

The Eyes Coup de Coeur: (Mentoring)

The Eyes "Coup de Coeur" rewards the work of one of the photographers on the Jury's shortlist with two half-day mentoring sessions to help them develop their professional and artistic approach.