Exposition Galerie Huit Arles


Photographer Maria Oliveira in the spotlight

Since 2022, Boutographies has been present on the first floor of the Galerie Huit Arles to present a photographer from the last edition of the festival. This year we are proud to present the photographer Maria Oliveira with her work "Bone Foam".

 Maria Oliveira - Bone Foam 3

Bone Foam

Bone Foam
Back to the familiar world of Alto Minho, Portugal. I rediscover my connection with this land, with my family, physical and spiritual heritage. I'm closer to natural cycles, to magical and mysterious transitory movements. The feminine presence is constant and intense. Women generate, create, kill and nurture, in constant interaction with the elements.
 Maria Oliveira

Galerie Huit Arles

8 rue de la Calade
Bone Foam by Maria Oliveira
Exhibition from 1 to 6 July
Monday > Saturday 11:00 13:00 - 14:00 19:00