Villages en photographie

The "Villages in Photography" project is part of an approach to make photography accessible to all and for all. It is an event organised within the villages themselves in order to create a real encounter around photography.

The project is articulated in two distinct parts which will be brought together during two evenings of projections.

  1. A screening of the work of the villages' photo workshops.
  2. A screening of some of the work from the Jury's projection and a meeting with one of the authors.
Marie Nathalie Carmona
Julien Berthaud Le Petit cheval

Maison des associations

Thursday 27 May 2021

Atelier photo de Clapiers
Julien Berthaud

Atelier photo de st Drézéry
Marie Nathalie Carmona

Projection du Jury des Boutographies
Christiane Blanchard - Le corps d’une histoire
Annemie Martin - Chemitz Modern City
Thomas Brasey - Boaventura
Gianluca Abblasio - Balaton
Natalya Reznik - Hope