The Jury's projection

Projection © Corinna Kern

Since 2010, the Boutographies present a projection of works selected by the jury of the current edition. This projection is scheduled to be shown at the Pavillon Populaire along with the Official Selection, during the entire festival.

In 2018 the Jury's Projection will screen 16 projects, whose high quality has captured the attention of the jury.

Pavillon Populaire

Esplanade Charles de Gaulle
34000 Montpellier



Annalisa Natali Murri
"The Black Line"

Baudouin Mouanda
"Les fantômes des Corniches"

Claire Delfino

Annalisa Natali Murri The Black Line 02 © Annalisa Natali Murri

Along 360km of borders separating Haiti from the Dominican Republic, 55km belong to the river Massacre, sadly famous since 1937 when it turned red after the killing of more than 30 000 Haitians by the Dominican army. Since then, thousands of people born on the Dominican soil from Haitians parents who first came there seeking jobs are now victims of discrimination, stigmatization, deprivation of identity. Annalisa Natali Murri captured the traces left by this event in her series “The Black Line”.

Baudouin Moaunda Les Fantômes des corniches 04 © Baudouin Mouanda

At night, when he was a student, Baudouin Mouanda would go out in the street looking for a quiet and lighted place to study. The situation is still the same now electricity cuts remain. When the sun sets students fill the streets of Brazzaville where we can hear them recite their history lessons. In his series “Les fantômes des corniches” Baudouin Mouanda walks through the city’s streets meeting these youngsters whose thirst of learning doesn’t stop because of a lack of means.

Claire Delfino Belinda 02 © Claire Delfino

Not yet an adult but not a child anymore, Belinda is 15 years old and lives with her parents in a little city north of Picardie when she gets pregnant. Claire Delfino follows her during her pregnancy trying to understand how Belinda can assume both her mother-to-be and teenager roles. With writer Louise Allavoine, she leads this project as a literary and photographical tale in which she wishes to show the public a young girl’s evolution through her parts as a mother, a daughter, a teenager, a girlfriend.


David Denil
"Let us not Fall a Sleep While Walking"

Florian Roche
"Les fantômes de la maternité"

Katrin Streicher
"Night Time Tremors"

David Denil Let us not Fall a Sleep While Walking © David Denil

After obtaining its independence, Ukraine faced a wave of protest led by president Yanukovych decisions. The Ukrainian revolution, the president’s overthrow, Crimea’s annexation by Russia, as much events David Denil chose not to photograph choosing instead (to photograph) life in Kiev during a difficult context.

Florian Roche Les fantômes de la maternité 3 © Florian Roche

Photographers’ son and grandson, in love with the city of Montpellier, Florian Roche dived into the past of an abandoned place to recreate its different universes/worlds. The maternity ward in the Professeur Grasset Avenue, formerly an orphanage then a Police station, is a place where reigns history. Florian Roche wanted to bring this place back to life bringing the ghosts of these previous lives and making them live together. In order to do that he worked with different models and recreated the times of a monument now threatened to disappear.

Katrin Streicher Night Time Tremors 01 © Katrin Streicher

The city of Kiruna, north of Sweden, threats to collapse because of the daily explosions due to the iron mining of the city’s undergrounds. In less than a century the landscape changed, some parts of the city even had to move out in order to preserve the population and avoid stopping the mining – city’s primary income. In her series “Night Time Tremors”, Katrin Streicher went to meet Kiruna’s inhabitants, skeptical when it comes to move an entire city, resign to save its memory.


Lionel Jusseret

Marc Vidal
"Voyage au bout de l'ennui"

Mariya Kozhanova
"Declared Detachment"

Lionel Jusseret Kinderszenen 03 © Lionel Jusseret

Founded by René Demichelis, French association called J’interviendrais allows children with deep autism to spend their holidays in country houses, far away from the institutions. Working with genuine and tough kids is hard and communication is complicated but it is an occasion for Lionel Jusseret to give a sensitive and poetic point of view on the delicate world that is autism in his series “Kinderszenen”

Marc Vidal Voyage au bout de l ennui 12 © Marc Vidal

In the north of France, where neighborhoods are apart from the big cities, Marc Vidal walks through infinite streets where red brick houses all look alike. He takes pictures of the obvious absence of life and motion, the astonishing symmetry of the houses, gardens well maintained by their owners. He questions himself about boredom and lack of wonder in front of the architectural and cultural poorness of these residential areas.

Mariya Kozhanova Declared Detachment 06 © Mariya Kozhanova

At a time where the young Russian generation finds itself without any kind of ideological landmarks or fundamental bases to build its identity as well as a solid future, Mariya Kozhanova observed how some of them didn’t hesitate to borrow codes from foreign cultures to build their own model. With her series « Declared Detachment » she cared to understand this process especially questioning herself about its durability.


Mélanie Wenger
"Marie Claude"

Melody Garreau
"L'innocence ternie"

Nele Gülck

Mélanie Wenger Marie Claude Mono 14 © Mélanie Wenger

In the depths of Bretagne lives Marie-Claude, a rebel old lady mistreated by life. Marie-Claude might be a bit crazy but she is fascinating, strong and solitary. Mélanie Wenger comes to see her every two months to take pictures of her while listening to her stories. In total admiration in front of this woman, she dedicates her series “Marie-Claude” to her

Melody Garreau l'Innocence ternie 01 © Melody Garreau

Chloé and her mother have a turbulent relationship: they argue and make up straight away. In the search of an identity, suffering from the lack of a father figure, she is 17 when her sister, photographer Melody Garreau, dedicates her a series called “L’innocence ternie”. Like some kind of anthem – in her own words – she combines poetic image and documentary approach to recompose the complexity of a triangular relationship where she fills the third corner

Nele Gülck Abondoned Thermal Springs 03 © Nele Gülck

Nature takes back its right on abandoned thermal resorts in the north of Greece. For many years these resorts where a touristic destination and today they’re invaded by wild dogs living in the lobby, turtles joyfully swimming in the basins filled with flowers but also Bulgarian migrant workers for a season and some couples once the night has fallen. Nele Gülck photographed these new inhabitants before nature finishes to swallow the places or new investors seize them.


Robert Rutöd
"Fair(y) Tales"

Sébastien Loubatié

Stéphane Guillaume

Robert Rutöd Fairy Tales 18 © Robert Rutöd

The urge of living happily permanently, dreams of a heavenly elsewhere… desires that everyone seems to have in common, yet are these desires at reach? Robert Rutöd travelled from fairs to exhibition areas for almost ten years to build his series “Fair(y) Tales” and try to show us the amount of propositions we have at our disposal in order to reach some kind of heaven. Sleep consultants, beauty guidance, new gadgets… everything is gathered to take to paradise. Or at least close enough

Sebastien Loubatié AuBonBonCoinCoin 04 © Sebastien Loubatié

After capturing 5614 images from website, Sébastien Loubatié gathered them in different categories: photography, France, humanity. He offers here his series “Mise en scène” were private individuals stage a product or stage themselves for the advertisement’s purpose. An original approach which can be found on his website

Stéphane Guillaume Décorum Palmier 3 © Stéphane Guillaume

Stéphane Guillaume went to empty and abandoned places for the making of his series “Decorum” in which he photographs rooms ruined by the passing of time. He operates a few scenographic changes in some rooms and leaves the others in their original state in order to cause confusion between what’s right and what’s wrong.


Tim Franco

Tim Franco Unperson 12 © Tim Franco

According to George Orwell, we become an unperson when we disappear, when our record is erased. Tim Franco refers to this term when addressing the north-Koreans and their decision to disappear from their country to begin the building of a new identity when arriving in south-Korea. Using a particular chemical process on Polaroid’s negatives normally unused, he reveals these north-Koreans defectors portraits on their often vainly journey. With a rather uncertain result, this process captures the fear and threat of being arrested along the way.

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