JURY 2019

Laura Serani (President of the jury)
Commissaire d'exposition
Erik Vroons

Journalist invited for GUP Magazine
Alban Lécuyer

Nicolas Havette
Commissioner/ Artistic director of the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz fundation / Artist
Christian Maccotta
Artistic director of les Boutographies

Patricia Morosan 01 © Patricia Morosan


Patricia Morosan
(I) Remember Europe

The prize is an award of 1000 euros, plus the purchase to the value of 2500 euros, of one or more prints by the Town of Montpellier for its permanent collection

The jury finally chose a project which combined the individual strength of each image, the capacity to create a strong and coherent atmosphere for the whole and a particular point of view on an essential question, that of European identity. In setting out to find those spots claiming to be the geographical centres of Europe, Patricia Morosan raises the question of the limits of this entity that has so much trouble in defining itself. By concentrating on the distribution of these centres, all situated in countries of the ex-Soviet bloc, she reminds us that the heart of Europe, even if it remains hard to localise, is situated much further to the East than the history of the post-war years and the construction of western Europe would have us believe. With this return to a geographical reality, it is a shifting of the point of view, a shedding of light on what is happening in Europe today – all the more evident in the context of Brexit – that Patricia Morosan invites us to consider. Her attention and sensitivity towards territories and persons, at one and the same time central, but marginalised, impels us to reconsider certain western –orientated apprehensions on the European entity and its future.

Christian Maccotta,

Artistic director of les Boutographies

Sébastien Cuvelier 05 © Sébastien Cuvelier


Sébastien Cuvelier
Paradise City

The Reponses photo Prize: (The prize consists of a portfolio published in Réponses Photo magazine)

Chosen by the editor of the magazine, this prize is awarded during the first weekend of meetings.

This year, the prize was given to SeĢbastien Cuvelier for his series Paradise City, a photographic journey across Iran focusing on the topics of youth and paradise : «The word paradise comes from ancient Persian Paridaida, literally «enclosed garden». I told myself that, to the people that live there, Iran is similar to an big enclosed garden. All those young people that I met live with this in mind: they love their country, they are in their garden, but they either want to leave physically -go to Europe, to the USA, to Canada-, or they want to escape through contacts with people like me, with the new technologies or with social media.»

His approach of photography focuses mainly on the notions of documentary and storytelling, with a noticeable attraction toward topics revolving around community.

An honorable mention was also attributed to him by the jury!

Réponses photo

The Public Prize, Photon Prize and Les Jours Prize will be awarded during the second -and last- ceremony at the Gazette Café, 6 rue Levat, on saturday May 25th, 7:30pm!

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