Selection 2024

Photographers on exhibition

Alexandre Bagdassarian La couleur de la grenade France
Charles Xelot White Wate - La route des glaces France
Emilia Martin I saw a tree bearing stones in the place of apples and pears Netherlands
Giulia Thinnes it’s easier for me like that … Luxembourg
Kathleen Missud Bijoux France
Máté Bartha Anima Mundi Hungary
Oliveira Maria Bone Foam Portugal
Stephanie Lacombe Hyper life France
Tomoko Nagakawa I Taste the Black Light United Kingdom

Photographers in projection

Adrien Vautier Si tu traverses l'enfer France
Alain Cianci France Liv France
Amin Yousefi Eyes Dazzle as They Search for The Truth United Kingdom
Antoine Lecharny Sous terre France France
Cloé Harent Le lien de la terre France France
Daria Svertilova Maisons éphémères France France
Kasia Ślesińska Fantastic animals Poland
Katerina Tsakiri The Smiley Cut Sweden
Massimiliano Corteselli Contrapasso Germany
Pascal Sgro Le jardin du Lunch Belgium
Paulo Simão Erased Portugal
Saxon Baird White Guy Germany
Shirin Abedi Dance Germany
Theodore Bauthier Vjosa Lumi Belgium
Vladimir Vasilev Thraces France

In addition to the exhibitions of selected photographers, the following are scheduled

Carte blanche for photographer Pierre Liebaert - Je crois aux nuits - Belgium

Artist residency for photographer Nanda Gonzague - France

(an APF France handicap partnership)

Below is the list of photographers selected for Boutographies 2024