Transit Lab #7


Des rives

Exit from a time of research and experimentation

No coastal zone escapes human planning. Walking the entire French coastline on foot, carrying a backpack between land and sea, sleeping on the spot and staring at the lights from dawn to dusk, immersing oneself in the sea, observing, allows us to draw up a photographic inventory of this frontier which is often only natural in name. 

Initiated in 2004, this project led Bastien Defives to survey the coastline of mainland France in some 16 months of walking. The only thing missing to complete the tour was to walk the coastline from Arcachon to the Spanish border, which he did in March 2023. 

Back from his trip with a publishing project, the photographer will use this time of research to question his images, their format, their meaning next to each other, their place in a story.

Espace Transit

3 rue Ranchin

34000 Montpellier

Tuesday May 9th


Bastien Defives - Des Rives 1
Bastien Defives - Des Rives 2
Bastien Defives - Des Rives 3
Bastien Defives - Des Rives 4