Director of l'Hôtel Fontfreyde

President of the jury 2021

François-Nicolas L’Hardy graduated in History and Art History after studying Literature at Sciences-Po Paris. A few years later he obtained a degree in photography and multimedia, followed by a master’s degree in photography. For almost 20 years he lead the activities at the Atlantic Center of Photography (CAP), in Brest. He is now responsable for the programming of Hotel Fontfreyde at the Photographic Center of Clermont-Ferrand.

Sarah Carlet


Conservator and consultant
in photography

Sarah Carlet is a photo editor and project leader linked to photography. She is presently working for Magenta Media (MAXIM and Lonely Planet Magazine, Italy) as well as a consultant for various photographic projects. She trained in newsrooms such as International, Il Espresso, and at the photojournalist agency Contrasto. In 2019 she was communications director for the open-air festival and web site Gibelina PhotoRoad. From 2014 to 2019 she was founder and director of the festival Emerging Talents at Rome, in the Mattatolo museum, with the participation of various international festivals. She also worked for 5 years for the International Festival of Photography, Cortona on the Move, as teacher and assistant creative and organisational director of the exhibitions

Camilla de Maffei


Photographer and creator of
El Observatorio

Camilla de Maffei has a degree in aesthetic philosophy. Independent photographer, since 2009 she focuses her personal work on the Balkan region, developing longue period projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and Albania. Her research focuses specifically on the relationship between territory, landscape and identity, thematics she explores from a geopolitical, social and emotional point of view.In 2011 in Barcelona, in collaboration with photographer Eugeni Gay, Camilla creates El Observatorio, a space of creation dedicated to author photography and to developing long term photographic projects.

Eric Sinatora


Director of
the GRAPh

Since 1987 GRAPh (Research and Photographic Animation Group) develops artistic, cultural, educational and social actions in the city of Carcassonne and extends these actions to the department of Aude. This daily work allows everyone an access to culture and to an artistic practice of the image in all its forms. Director of the organisation Eric Sinatora provides a ground work to the public who benefits from this emancipation through image and art. Alongside the association’s activities focused on the public, he has been organizing the Fictions Documentaires festival for four years, the social photography festival of Carcassonne. Eric is also vice-president and founding member of Réseau Diagonal, national network of photographic centers which gathers 23 places all around the country.

Christian Maccotta


Artistic Director
of the Boutographies

Artistic director of the Boutographies since 2007, he is a photographer himself and a graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie (ENSP) at Arles. He holds a Masters by Research in photography and in the past ten years has written texts for various photographers; he is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Montpellier III Paul Valéry.