Hors les Murs 2022

Jean-François Malet

Jean-François Malet

What a great idea, let's go and see exhibitions to discover new photography, and through it surprise and move us, question us and feed our consciences! 
In these difficult times, culture takes on its full meaning, carrying values and humanist perspectives. And photography sheds light on our world through the power of the image, its beauty and its shadowy areas, its seriousness and its enlightened, enlightening artists' visions.

There is bound to be an exhibition near you, and none is far away. These ten "Hors Les Murs" places constitute a network around the Pavillon Populaire, galleries and spaces presenting art, to be visited in a circuit all along or to pick your own flowers. 
Like so many oases, luminous stops, open windows.

All genres are represented, from plastic photography to author's documentaries. From "Botanica" by Christelle Boulé at the Orangerie du Jardin des plantes to "Centaurs" by Francesca Todd at Pierresvives, via "Ranok" at the Photo Bar showing us Ukraine in its pre-conflict creative vitality, which is only waiting to return.  

And all the other fascinating works, to be discovered alone or with family, friends, on foot or by bike, on the routes that are proposed to you.

So it's decided, let's go! We're going to enjoy ourselves, be entertained by offbeat views, marvel and be enriched!