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20 years exhibition

Espace Saint-Ravy

Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm


From 19th to 30th May  

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Going back in time: 20 years of images

In 2001, Christine Oberlinkels, Gabriel Nogué and Fanny Dombre-Coste, three residents of the Boutonnet neighbourhood in Montpellier, had the idea to create a collective exhibition with local photographers. For the space of a few days, the launderette, the retirement home, the old convent are invaded by pictures. Once again, the neighbourhood proved its vitality, incarnated by a new cultural initiative. Rapidly joined by the present directors, Arnaud Laroche, Peter Vass and Christian Maccotta, within a few years this ephemeral project became a festival of national renown.

The Boutographies didn’t only keep the name from Boutonnet. It is a reference that echoes its identity : of a photography of sharing made by meetings and encounters, open to everyone. The festival did not forget its anchorage even when it moved its exhibition space to the historical centre, in 2008. At this time, the Boutographies’ ambition becomes European.

Today, with this twenty-first edition, more than 474 photographers from 34 countries have been presented. The retrospective at the Espace Saint-Ravy features the series presented in projection and awarded since 2011, and an image extracted from an exhibition per edition since 2001.

This special 20 year-exhibition is dedicated to all the photographers and to the public who have placed their trust in the Boutographies throughout this adventure.


From the neighbourhood of Boutonnet to the four corners of Europe

In its 20 years of existence, the Boutographies festival has strived to reinvent, innovate, and dare in terms of photographic choices.
Among the numerous photographers shown these past years, many of them made an impact and influenced the development of the festival, as much by their esthetical approach, as by the subject, or by their creative process. Here are a few one…

If there were only photographers from Montpellier in the first edition, their provenance has been diversified from year to year, to first a national coverage, and then European. For the Boutographies, without any political considerations, Europe is seen as a continent rich in human diversity and photographic content.
Since 2001, there have been more than 460 photographers presented. On the map, are marked the cities where the photographers resided at the time of their participation.

Photographers seleted for the retrospective :

Matthieu Gafsou (2019) - Karim El Maktafi (2018) - Jannemarein Renout (2017) -
Pierre Liebaert (2016) - Christian Lutz (2015) - Jan Q. Maschinski (2014) - Camilla De Maffei (2013) - Lara Gasparotto (2012) - Léa Habourdin (2011) - Ilse Frech (2010) - Bernard Demenge (2009) -
Carlo Gianferro (2008) - Andreas Meichsner (2007) - Reiner Riedler (2006) -
Camille Bonnefoi (2005) - Tilby Vattard (2004) - Mariusz Sapinski (2003) -
Clotilde Noblet (2002) - Christine Oberlinkels / Fanny Dombre Coste / Gabriel Nogué (2001)

Carte Europe

Silence, projecting …

Conférences remises de prix

Since 2010, the Boutographies have presented a projection of works selected by the jury for that edition. This projection will be shown at the Pavillon Populaire, along with the Official Selection, during the entire festival. Rediscover at Saint-Ravy a compilation-projection of the laureates designated each year by our partners for each edition.
This year, it is Photon, a photo lab from Toulouse that will choose their winning favourite. The laboratory will offer the print production of the work plus an exhibition in their Toulouse gallery for the winning photographer.

Photographers seleted for the retrospective :

Anita de Roquefeuil (2019) - Mariya Kozhanova (2018) - Corinne Mariaud (2017) - Gianluca Abblasio (2016) - Alnis Stakle (2015)  - Leslie Moquin (2015) - Luca Zanier (2014) - Olivia Lavergne (2013) - Eric Principaud (2013) - Jacques Villière (2012) - Philippe Leroux (2011)

Tomorrow's talents

This retrospective is not intended to be just a nostalgic and benevolent review of past editions. The Boutographies hold dear the promotion of emerging talents in European photography. Always with the support of emerging talents in mind, the Boutographies organised a photographic residence for the first time this year. It started in June et the gallery L'Aberrante and is on the theme of urban space treated in different ways by two photographers.
The first, Cyrus Cornut, chosen by the collective TRANSIT, offers an architectural vision of the town. And the second, Sarah Desteuque, presented by the Boutographies and the Aberrante Gallery, take a look at the inhabitants of the Figuerolles neighbourhood and their ways of life.