The Jury's projection

Projection © Corinna Kern

Since 2010, the Boutographies present a projection of works selected by the jury of the current edition. This projection is scheduled to be shown at the Pavillon Populaire along with the Official Selection, during the entire festival.

In 2017 the Jury's Projection will screen 18 projects, whose high quality has captured the attention of the jury.

Pavillon Populaire

Esplanade Charles de Gaulle
34000 Montpellier



Audrey Barthes/Michel Amaral 
"S’il vous plaît… Dessine moi un oeuf"

Ulla Deventer
"I've Never Been Big Sick"

Fatoumata Diabate

Audrey Barthes & Michel Amaral 15 © Audrey Barthes & Michel Amaral

This multimedia series aims at rediscovering history from a humorous and playful perspective, in parodying a few artists who left their mark on their time and whose works have often sparked controversy.

Both trivial object of daily life and simple food, the egg is used in a systematic and off-the-wall manner as an element of caricature - it sheds light on the specific language of each of these personalities.

Deventer Ulla 11

Through this project, I have been observing women who work as prostitutes.

The series is about exploring this cliché-ridden micro society, this stage on which protagonists play with different aspects of their personality so as to always conceal part of it. I've aimed at confronting my perspective on femininity and feminism with prostitution, hence questioning the stereotypes that we associate it with. I initiated this project in Brussels in 2013, worked on it in Athens and Paris, and plan on continuing it in others cities throughout the world.

Diabate Fatoumata 07

Being beautiful and keeping beautiful has always been one of women's top preoccupations. The fair sex has been evolving along with trends, criteria and even under pressure. Amidst this array of various influences, every woman has to build her own femininity. 

I have been surrounded by users of skin-lightening cosmetics for a long time. My trip to Senegal has changed my perspective on them. Here, the depigmentation process is called Khéssal.


Olivier Dury
"It is called Badakhashan"

Anna Filipova
"Research at the End of the World"

Vincent Gouriou
"Des familles"

Dury Olivier 15

The Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan - one of the most isolated regions in the world.

The Pamiris' conditions of existence are rendered more improbable by the extreme cold, landslides and earthquakes with each passing day since the fall of the Soviet Union.

filipova Anna 10

Ny-Ålesund is situated on the 79th parallel north of Spitsbergen Island, which makes it the most northerly permanent civilian settlement in the world. It houses the largest laboratory for modern Arctic research in existence.

Gouriou Vincent 7 © Vincent Gouriou "série des familles"

In the wake of "Singularités", which was about individual difference, I took an interest in what it means to be a family today. This concept of the family is gradually evolving, opening up to new patterns. As a consequence, family portraits are growing increasingly rich and diverse. This work is about showing diversity without establishing an objective typology: male and female homosexual couples, transgender people, a young girl undergoing gender reassignement with her family and boyfriend, twins, a divorced mother and her children...


Otto Hainzl

Sylvain Heraud
"Les symboles invisibles"

Louise Honée
"Angels of North"

Otto Hainzl1

Corridors extending an entire kilometre, insurmountable stairways, graphic codes, illegally occupied zones, vast murals: Corviale, built between 1975 and 1982, is a housing project on the outskirts of Rome. Ten stories high, it is nearly one kilometre long and houses over 8,000 residents—a whole city in a single building.

Heraud Sylvain 18

Between 1960 and 1980, the federal states of ex-Yugoslavia build massive monuments, spomeniks, in remembrance of the resistance of local populations during the wars of the early 20th century, preaching for a socialist, egalitarian and antifascist society. The crisis of the 1990s led to the dislocation of the country - these monuments were either abandoned or annihilated. This series depicts the remaining spomeniks in Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia. It questions the impact of these symbols of peace.

Honée Louise 15

In the shadow of the colliery industries, lies the beautiful landscape of the North East of England. Last century, the coal and steel industry used to be a flourishing business. With closing down the mines in the eighties the area felt in decline and suffered with economical and social problems. Dealing with unemployment and a lack of aspiration, people got lost in a way. In this rather desolated place I encountered young people, children from an industrial inheritance which history is still affecting their lives. The portraits are characters in their melancholy environment, where toughness and tenderness captures the atmosphere of this industrial area.


Olivier Lovey

Sarah Lowie

Corinne Mariaud

Lovey Olivier 05 © Olivier Lovey

"Heimweh" was initiated as part of a photographic investigation in Valais (EQ2); it consists of a series of portraits of the members of folkloric societies in Valais. In German, Heimweh means homesickness or nostalgia, and describes this feeling of discomfort and longing for a lost reality. Heimweh rather than Heimat! The pain of memories rather than the exhilaration that comes with them, melancholy rather than patriotism. These clothes are the trace of times past, as is photography itself. Like so many vanities, they remind us of the fact that everything is doomed to fade, whilst proving that we can postpone such a sentence.

Lowie Sarah 016

I had met them at parties. They offered for me to come shoot them. I went back the following weekend. And then the next. And the next after that. And then I went whenever I got a chance, for a whole year. I was twenty years old. I immersed myself in their world; a world that is so intense, so fierce, that it's almost scary. But not so much when you experience it from the inside. A world built on parties, lies, laughter, spliffs, struggles, excitement, manipulation, shags, derision, booze. Built on some kind of sick balance between right and wrong. I give you Madil City Gang!

Mariaud Corinne 11

For South Korean and Singaporean girls, physical appearance is a condition of social integration: they will wear contacts to enlarge and brighten their eyes, they will undergo plastic surgery from the age of 15 to match one particular archetype of beauty (almond eyes, "Bambi eyes", double eyelid, elongated oval face, sharper nose...). Marketing selling surgery also includes smartphone apps which alter self-portrait. The face is susceptible to be reworked until it reaches the physical ideal of beauty.


Sasha Maslov
"Veterans Faces of the World War II"

Cristina Mora

Alexandra Soldatova
"Green Channel"

Maslov Sasha 083

Veterans Project is a series of portraits of people who took part in Second World War - the one event in human
history that cannot be compared with anything else on the scale of catastrophe, human tragedy,
and the degree of impact on the future of our civilization. Every single person who participated in the war,
whether they were a soldier or a general, a prisoner or a guard, a medical worker or an engineer, took part in shaping
the image of the world as it is seen and perceived today.

Mora Cristina 7

The “Nudos” series consists of large format images on the subject of main routes and intersections in the Madrid road network. The images have been obtained through the geographic viewer Google Earth.

Soldatova Alexandra 05

Minsk is the capital of Belarus, which is inhabited by 2 million people. The biggest part of it was built after World War II and was quite carefully planned. We have here a river crossing the city center but there was an idea to create a big recreation zone for suburb districts where there were many factories and mainly working class people indwell this area.The “green channel” forms a system of artificial lakes, channels and waterfalls made from concrete cross the city from north to south.


Tilby Vatard
"Black Bazar"

Franky Verdickt

Jean-Luc Vertut
"Nouste Soureilh"

Vattard Tilby 09

Lightening, clouds and shadows erupt in a world which could very well be ours - same streets, same buildings, same vehicles. You would think a wall has been poked through. The wall of appearances. And a mythical world, inhabited by children-king and tired heroes, is crawling through the breach. This is daily life interwoven with magical spells.

(Bruno Dubreuil - excerpt)

Verdickt Franky 01

The title of the project comes from the Guo Xi, a Chinese landscape painter (1020-1070) from Henan Province who lived during the Northern Song Dynasty (960–1127). Song Dynasty artists continued in the tradition of landscape painting, and scenes were created in which one could travel, gaze, wander and dwell.

Vertut Jean Luc 17

This project was made in collaboration with Nouste-Soureilh Retirement Home in Pau, and with Sandrine Lasbat (carer) in particular. In February 2016, all 74 residents of Nouste-Soureilh (literally, "our Sun") got involved in playing the game of photography. The series is a selection of 20 portraits in which dependence, old age and disabilities of all kinds didn't rob the models of their sense of humour and irony; each and every one of them has glowing light-heartedness and freedom.

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