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Sarah on the bridge

Edition 2011

Jean Revillard
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Jean Revillard met Sarah on a track at the edge of a forest. She prostituted herself there, near Turin, to repay her passage to Europe. After a long period of approach he gained her confidence. "Sarah on the Bridge" is a work on the immigration of African women in Italy. It gets its force from the images themselves, which have the evocative power of all great images, sober and profound, before being considered as statements.


Jean Revillard studied at the Yverdon School of Art, where he followed the teaching of Luc Chessex, Jesus Moreno and Christian Caujolle. Subsequently he specialized in photography, as both photographer, gallery owner (Europa at Geneva, Focale at Nyon) and journalist (Le Nouveau Quotidien, L’Hebdo). In 2001 he founded the agency, where he won a World Press Award with his work on migrants cabins at Calais, as well as a Swiss Press Award. In 2009 he again won a World Press Award and a prize from the City of Prague. He continues to work on photographic projects and to give conferences and workshops on photojournalism.


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